Rustic wedding in June/ Jūnija kāzas lauku stilā

Ivo & Liene

Ceremony: Latvijas Etnogrāfiskais brīvdabas muzejs. Usmas luterāņu baznīca.
Venue: farmstead / viensēta "Mežsētas"

The heat on the 3rd of June was simply unbearable. The couple planned to have a green retro VAZ (aka Zhiguli), however the heat made it break down halfways while en route to pick up Liene. The day cound't have started better. Eventually they got a backup automobile Mercedes S line, which amusingly enough, bride was disappointed with. 

The ceremony was held in a 18th century's church that is part of an extensive collection that holds Latvian Ethnograpic musuem. I have always loved that place for it's special wooden architecture. Afterwards we had a test for the new husband where he had to forge a couple of things that might bring luck for the family. 

Then the long drive to the farmstead began. The couple was super keen at posing and weren't afraid to fool around. As they said, they prefer funny and crazy pictures that involve hugs and kisses. The goofier the better! :)

At the very evening it got very chilly in comparison to the 30 degrees that where throughout the day, and after dancing, most of the people rushed back indoors to warm up and continue chatting.

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