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Actions and Curves for Photoshop (not for free)

Dear photoshop users,
I once made these curves , but these are my latest 3 actions

(click to enlarge the image)
Set price- $ 18
Each- $ 7


This time I have made them using almost all my presets (curves, other actions), so this is something like a mixture of everything. All are fully editable and if you have any problems with loading or using- tell me.

On the other news, I am using the new CS6 two weeks already. Finally they have made a darkish and fancy design, which makes you feel so professional in what are you doing. ^o^

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Game on!

Look what I got -

Razer Abyssus mouse and a mat for it. Both are authentic, but you can't trust the chinese! :d
This Razer mouse is the cheapest one out there, however, perfectly suits my needs- it is gaming mouse, lightweight + fits my claw/fingertip the best.

Of course, you can't forget the glowing logo!

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I met and touched Jackie Chan

He was filming for his new movie "Chinese Zodiac" from the end of April till 2nd May in Latvia, Jelgava (THAT'S WHERE I LIVE). 
So we didn't stalk him at the hotel like others, but just went at the end of the day to the Aerodium to maybe get a glimpse of him or get a high five when he was leaving the filming set.

He was flying and doing a fighting scene up there.


  Here are some of my classmates, we went there together to get an autograph and Viktor even made a poster and gave his autograph to him :D

 Finally got it! The yellow paper is mine.
It took us 3 days get that paper signed and 2 double high fives from him!

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