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Olga & Pavel

On a very sunny and bright day. This walk in a Riga's park turned out to be prolific with couple images.


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Krišjānis & Ieva

Was lucky to photograph Krišjānis and Ieva on their wedding day. For me it was really heart-warming to see this young couple get married because of their love towards each other, that nowadays is rare to be found in life that early. 
I wish them long lasting and happy life together. They have found their other half.

Here is some glimpse from that summer' s day.

The Wedding Day.


 At the Dole' s island on the Daugava river.

 On a trip with boat.

 Photobombing :D

 Always fixing the dress.


 The reception was held at a really nice guest house not far from Riga.

When the wind blew lantern into brich, it fell down on the ground and  almost coused a fire in a pine tree! Luckly, the fire was extinguished quickly using feet.

 On the next day.

 DAT LITTLE KID. He wanted to take pictures, first he came to me and asked how camera works. Later he went to one of the guests and he gave this case from his film camera. So he walked around and was photographing people with it, later even he went to change his memory disk and showed on the case what pictures he has taken. 

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