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Anton & Jana (Wedding; Autumn 2013)

Anton & Jana

Location: Jelgava, Latvia
Date: 06.09.2013.
CeremonyGederts Eliass Jelgava History and Art Museum
Venue: Upenieku muiža, Līvbērze

Lived as neighbors, one day got in touch using internet with just a simple conversation. Later on Anton and Yana started to date and live together in an apartment in Jelgava. Now both are studying in Latvia University of Agriculture.
 All friends always at the parties where asking- "When are you goinng to marry? You have been together like for 6 years!"

So they did.
 And made a big party for their friends and families.

 Some of the guests already waiting.

 A bit nervous before the ceremony.

 Flower overload.
 Don't worry it's non-alcoholic! :)

 All the family and crowd of friends.

On the balcony of former Academia Petrina.

 That's the new bridge over Driksa river in Jelgava.

 Guests didn't dare to risk.
 A little rest before going to the main venue at the Hotel Jelgava.

 A bit tired?

...and the party starts!

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