Little trip around High Coast of Sweden; Skule National Park

Crossing The High Coast bridge. The top of the 'San Francisco' like bridge is a bit in clouds.

Just regular Swedish landscapes.

Already walking up the mountain. A lot of rocks left from the ice age.

Finally that heap of rocks ended!

Reached the famous Slåttdal Crevice.
 Here even Astrid Lindgrens's "Ronia The Burdglar's Daughter" movie was filmed.


View from the Slåttdalsberget in the evening.

 Next day.

 Not much of a difference compared to Latvian forests. Just more rocks in woods and more types of the moss on which felt so nice to stand after walking all this way.
Free to use cabin. First who gets there before night gets to sleep in it :D

Got kind of thirsty, but run out of water. Just boil in a plastic bottle some more. Physics help sometimes in real life too.
I had the ultimate hiking shoes. Sadly, my sneakers didn't fit in the bag so I left them in Latvia.

 Returned the same way as went there. In the day time everything looks different. Can atleast see where you put your feet at.

In the same crevice.

What if it falls down when you walk beneath it?!

 Laipas along the swamp.
On the road. Kind of amazing to see how a cloud is rolling over the Skule mountain. I bet those hikers can't see anyhing while walking up there.

 After all day of walking need some bath in a lake!

 Finally, the sign next to farms (only Latvians will understand).
Atgādina man to stulbo joku par bļodu.

 Link to check out other pictures and info about 
Skule Nationalpark

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One Response to Little trip around High Coast of Sweden; Skule National Park

  1. Ļoti skaista vieta, noteikti arī būs uz turieni jāaizbrauc. Un arī fotogrāfijas ir brīnišķīgas. Tev noteikti ir talants uz fotografēšanu! Ļoti ceru, ka tev izdosies sasniegt visus savus iecerētos mērķus ;) Lai veicas!


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