Joyful wedding at the Scottish seaside

Laura & Ciaran

Venue: Harvest Moon Holidays in Dunbar, Scotland

Orange nail polish and lots of laughter! The ever gloomy Scottish weather cleared up just for this special day. A perfect new chapter for Laura & Ciaran. Ciaran, sailor by trade, had the opportunity to take Laura onboard and travel across the globe.

As a Translation student myself, I can assure that one can never get enough of puns that can be created with English language. Even if I am not close to the couple, every speech gave me stomach cramps from laughter.

Many images, as usual.

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One Response to Joyful wedding at the Scottish seaside

  1. The beauty about this place is that they give you a somewhat blank canvas where you can create the wedding you envisioned, etc., which will be different from others. The staff at NYC wedding venues is incredible and professional.


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