Ulvis & Krista - wedding in a wooden church

Vieta/Venue: Brīvdabas muzejs (Open Air Museum) & Dirty Deal Teatro

Want to share my most favorite wedding from the last year. It was such for various reasons, but mainly because of the sincerely happy atmosphere in the air. Despite the moody autumnal weather the rain-clouds avoided us as knowing that this is a special day for Ulvis & Krista and their families.

This was first wedding where I had acquaintances and friends as the couple's guests. So even I got a feeling as if I was off-duty. I was also so excited about the venue, just take a look at this wooden architecture. Feels like being inside an ornate ship back in Middle Ages. Before moving to the capital, Ulvis played in a local theater, therefore the venue resembled the place, where he used to spend most of his free time.

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